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How to Market a Concert

Most of us have gone to a concert at least once or twice in our lives. Have you ever wondered how you got there? This does not mean getting into a cab and riding to the venue. It refers to why you were enticed to go to the concert in the first place. What are the steps that the company who handles that concert had to go through to market and promote it so that fans get the chance to listen and watch their favorite artists perform?

Know the target audience

Just like any marketing plan, you have to know your audience. You cannot create a strategy if you do not know your target focus. You have to understand and dive deep into the brainstorming part of this plan. Who is the audience that you are targeting? What is the demographics that you mostly want to invest in? This is particularly important because by knowing your audience, you will know where to put your resources in marketing the concert. Will the bulk of the promotions be on social media like Facebook and Instagram? Should it be on live video streaming sites? Or should it be in the local newspaper or house-to-house promotions? All these are realized after you understand your target audience.

Make time for everything

It is best to get everything covered months or even a year before the event. Have you experienced hearing or seeing promotions a year in advance? This is because you want to advise the audience as early as possible. Are you going to hand out voucher codes to give special discounts to fans and to those who will promote your event? Think about these things and make time for it. You have to strategize on which should take priority first. You should plan on every step because it missing one target can affect the succeeding process.

Know your budget

Before you start planning and hiring contractors and third-party resources, you have to know your budget is. Make sure that the budget is within the constraints of your business or your wallet. And you have to remind yourself to stick to it every day. It should all be planned and presented to the budget source and ask for approval.